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    Name Takeru
    高度 168 体重 52 年龄 18
    SEX 双性恋 阴茎的大小 16 发祥地 Tokyo
    特殊技能 basketball
    0号 1号 3P 逆3P
    soft SM 看手淫 按摩 Date course
    × × ×
    工作人员和周围的男生的评论・ A pretty smile!
    ・ Innocent is unbearable!
    ・ Large penis (* ^ ω ^ *)
    ・ Easy!
    ・ Language is fluent!
    ・ It looks like this and it is actually Tachi
    ・ I like older people!
    这个人的评论Nice to meet you! I can!
    I have always been interested in Heroes Tokyo and entered the store! (^ ∀ ^)
    I loved naughty things and I woke up to a man after being a high school senior ... (* ゚ ∀ ゚ *)
    Please ask me when you meet me for more details
    I hope older people are the type and meet nice people! I think that. But it's a bit clumsy, so I'm worried about appealing well, but I'd like to go actively !!
    I'm looking forward to seeing you! We look forward to your appointment!
    レビュー(お客様からの声)Smile was a lovely child. I've been using a variety of vendors, but his atmosphere and tone are so wonderful and I want to see him again.
    The attention was good and the ass and chinchin were the best!
    It ’s a hero ’s boy. I will nominate in the future.
    In the comment from the person, it was written as “a little clumsy”, but that was not the case. The thin and beautiful body is attractive as shown in the picture. He was an active and very good girl who nominated and did not regret it.
    1/20 (月) OFF 住宿
    1/21 (火) OFF 住宿
    1/22 (水) OFF 住宿
    1/23 (木) OFF 住宿
    1/24 (金) OFF 住宿
    1/25 (土) OFF 住宿
    1/26 (日) OFF 住宿
    ※◎=Long Stay、〇=Middle Stay、△=Short Stay

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