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    Name Kyoya
    高度 167 体重 52 年龄 23
    SEX 同性恋者 阴茎的大小 15 发祥地 Kanagawa
    特殊技能 tennis
    0号 1号 3P 逆3P
    × × ×
    soft SM 看手淫 按摩 Date course
    工作人员和周围的男生的评论・ Patchy and beautiful eyes!
    ・ Tight and beautiful body trained in tennis!
    ・ Cute smile
    ・ The muscular body is erotic! !
    ・ Beautiful skin with thin body hair
    这个人的评论Nice to meet you!
    This industry had worked before, so I decided to try again and entered Heroes Tokyo.
    I like being erotic and I'm good at it, but I'm good at it ★ Because it's an aggressive type, please look forward to it.
    I look forward to seeing you (* '▽')
    レビュー(お客様からの声)I have been nominated several times.
    I'm always guilead and I'm captivated by you today.
    Please let me nominate from now on.
    When I actually met, I was more handsome than my profile picture. Despite being young, I had various experiences and the conversation was exciting. I was very satisfied with the most passionate play.
    10/26 (月) OFF 住宿
    10/27 (火) OFF 住宿
    10/28 (水) OFF 住宿
    10/29 (木) OFF 住宿
    10/30 (金) OFF 住宿
    10/31 (土) OFF 住宿
    11/1 (日) OFF 住宿
    ※◎=Long Stay、〇=Middle Stay、△=Short Stay