HEROS-TOKYO is Japanese Gay Escort, Rentboy, gay massage outcall service(Japanese URISEN).
Deliver the best boy to you.
You can use it with confidence in the first person.
The best boy will lead you to the best moment. Thank you.




Time Course 60 min 13,000 yen
90 min 17,000 yen
120 min 20,000 yen
150 min 24,000 yen
180 min 28,000 yen
30 min extended 4000 yen
Stay Course Long time(9 pm〜9 am)30,000 yen
Middle time(10 pm〜7 am)27,000 yen
Short time(11 pm〜6 am)26,000 yen
24 h Course 72,000 yen
Included in price Kissing, Blow Job, Hand job, with Shower
※Top and Bottom only available boys
extend Time course 30 min / 4,000 yen
Stay course 60 min / 6,000 yen
Masturbation Watching Course 30 min 8,000 yen
※Course to see each other's masturbation.No touch.
※Boys can not ejaculate in some cases.
Massage course 60 min 10,000 yen
90分 13,000 yen
120分 16,000 yen
30 min extended 3000 yen
※The boy is naked.Boy do an aroma massage.Don't touch.
※With handjob.
Drink Course(Date Course) 60 min 10,000 yen
30 min extended 2,000 yen
3 hours pack 16,000 yen
Extension application Please tell the boy "I want to extend".
Others Transportation expenses
For Tokyo 1000 yen
For Kanagawa 1000 yen
Confirmation is necessary for other places.
◆Credit card・・・ VISA / MasterCard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club


Heroes Tokyo is a specialty massage shop for visit for gays in Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture.
There is no private room inside our shop. BOYS will only visit your place.

Opening hours12:00 am ~ 29:00(5:00 am)
open 365 days per year
※English staff may be absent. I am pleased if you can mail me.