Name Ryusei
Height 173 Weight 60 Age 20
SEX straight Dick 15 Origin Japan
Hobbies Swim
Special Skill Kendo
Bottom Top 3some(2BOY) 3some(2Customers)
Soft SM Massage Alchol
× ×
*threesome = play where there are two or more customers.
Comments from staff and surrounding boys ・Refreshing good young man
・The shape of the lips is sexy
・Seems to provide gentle lovemaking♡
・Tear troughs are a charm point♪
・Beautiful eyes with a Korean wave feel!
・When erect, it's a voluminous beautiful dick!!
Comment from the individual Hello, nice to meet you! I'm "Ryusei".
I identify as straight, but I like the male body.
I'm interested in both sucking and being penetrated...
I'm also very curious about penetrating, I guess I basically just like sex.
I like a bit of the extreme, and I like being watched. If you choose me, please keep looking at my body the whole time. Is it weird to say that? Lol
Lately, I've been working hard to improve my body.
If you know any good training routines, please let me know! I'm totally OK with being naked! Rather, it's welcome? Lol
Looking forward to working with you as Ryusei!
Reviews (customer feedback) It was cute how he was still erect while being penetrated! It was the best!
At a glance, he looked like Suga○ Masaki or like Ta○ Kei, I thought he's a handsome guy who can transform his looks. He was proactive during the play, and it was a blissful time! I'll ask for him again.
He is cute in many ways. He has a well-arranged face just like in the photos, but when you actually meet him, he's very adorable. He has kind eyes, and when he acts spoiled, it melts my heart.
He has a pure, K-Pop idol-like feeling, but on the other hand, he's really good at getting into the mood for sex, and his sensitivity is outstanding.
Despite being straight, it seems true that he likes the male body, which feels like a cheat.
I was healed by his soft, bouncy butt. His penis is thick as shown in the photos, and it was naughty that there was a stain on his underwear from the pre-cum. He seemed to have a relaxing vibe when talking? It was nice.
From the time we met for the appointment, he had a friendly atmosphere, and I had a good time until we parted. He has a smart body impression, and the line from his back to his hips is attractive. In play, I was satisfied with his youthful sensitive reactions and good tightness.
I had been curious about him for a while, so I made a nomination. It was a big correct answer. Suddenly awakened to eroticism, gradually becoming more and more fond of eroticism, and now spending most of the time awake thinking about erotic things, Ryuusei-kun who has come to greatly enjoy pleasurable things.
The voluminous son of Ryuusei-kun gets erect quickly with a little stimulus and once erect, it doesn’t calm down easily, it was high performance.
He loves sex, and he's fun to talk to. He was the best boy for me who loves "Erotic Straight" and "Pseudo". I’ll go see him again!
I asked Ryusei-kun for a hotel outcall. His bangs were down, so the image was different from the photos. I asked him to top, but maybe the condition was bad, it took three challenges to successfully unite. He worked hard for it. He folded his clothes neatly, and even though it was okay to leave the trash, he took it with him. He was gentle, really polite, and a good boy. He said he likes kissing and having his nipples licked.
Work Schedule
May 20 (Mon) - Overnight
May 21 (Tue) - Overnight
May 22 (Wed) - Overnight
May 23 (Thu) - Overnight
May 24 (Fri) - Overnight
May 25 (Sat) - Overnight
May 26 (Sun) - Overnight
May 27 (Mon) - Overnight
May 28 (Tue) - Overnight
May 29 (Wed) - Overnight
May 30 (Thu) - Overnight
May 31 (Fri) - Overnight
Jun 1 (Sat) - Overnight
Jun 2 (Sun) - Overnight
*Overnight ◎ = long(9pm-9am) possible, 〇 = middle(10pm-7am) possible, △ = short(11pm-6am) possible
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