Name Rikuto
Height 169 Weight 51 Age 22
SEX gay Dick 16 Origin Japan
Hobbies DANCE
Special Skill Dance
Bottom Top 3some(2BOY) 3some(2Customers)
Soft SM Massage Alchol
× ×
*threesome = play where there are two or more customers.
Comments from staff and surrounding boys ・Cute & Cool!
・Soft body!
・Surprisingly good at topping!!
・Hard worker!
Comment from the individual Hello! I'm Riku!
I joined Urisen Heroes Tokyo in search of a comfortable working environment!
I love naughty things! I get aroused quite easily!
I like being watched! lol
I'm the type to get excited with a sense of immorality lol
I think I'm quite perverted myself! Everyone, let's get naughty!
I'm waiting for your nomination!
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Work Schedule
Nov 30 (Thu) - Overnight Booking Expired
Dec 1 (Fri) - Overnight
Dec 2 (Sat) - Overnight
Dec 3 (Sun) - Overnight
Dec 4 (Mon) - Overnight
Dec 5 (Tue) - Overnight
Dec 6 (Wed) - Overnight
Dec 7 (Thu) - Overnight
Dec 8 (Fri) - Overnight
Dec 9 (Sat) - Overnight
Dec 10 (Sun) - Overnight
Dec 11 (Mon) - Overnight
Dec 12 (Tue) - Overnight
Dec 13 (Wed) - Overnight
*Overnight ◎ = long(9pm-9am) possible, 〇 = middle(10pm-7am) possible, △ = short(11pm-6am) possible
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