Name Chiaki
Height 169 Weight 50 Age 18
SEX 同性恋 Dick 15 Origin Japan
Hobbies Sing!
Special Skill Sing
Bottom Top 3some(2BOY) 3some(2Customers)
Soft SM Massage Alchol
× × ×
*threesome = play where there are two or more customers.
Comments from staff and surrounding boys ・Cute!
・During the shoot, he's like "I'll show my face! I'll strip!" Great at undressing!
・Legal Shota!
・Pretty penis... lol
・Great style!
Comment from the individual Nice to meet you! I'm Chiaki!
I'm incredibly nervous! Lol
I've been wanting to try this job since high school, and I had decided that if I were to do it, it would definitely be with Urisen Heroes Tokyo. So, I'm really happy to be hired!
I enjoy being the receptive partner, and for my age, I might have quite a bit of experience!
I really do enjoy being receptive... not sure about taking a big one though...
I don't like it without protection! Please be careful! Lol lol
Looking forward to your appointments!
Reviews (customer feedback) It was my first time booking him, but despite his modern looks, he's a very honest and kind boy. I'm looking forward to meeting this boy again.
He was naughtier and cuter than I imagined! Maybe even more than his photos!! He was smiling all the time, even while giving oral, it was irresistible. I came a lot.
He's a gentle and polite boy. His whole body is sensitive and when he gets into it, he becomes erotically aggressive. Next time, I want to slowly dominate the submissive Chiaki!
It's my second time using this service, and I think he's a really good boy♪♪(*^^*) Chiaki is very personable and I liked his very pleasant approach. There's something boyish about him which is cute. Also, his moaning is sexy♪♪ I think I could get addicted to it. I want to book him again, so I'm looking forward to the next time♪ Thank you(*^^*)
Chiaki was very good. He's really cute, and the play was very erotic which kept me thrilled the entire time. I was very happy. I'll definitely book him again. I have a feeling he'll be very popular in the future. v It was my second time booking him and the first overnight, it was very fun. It was more erotic and aggressive than last time, I was excited the whole time. I was very happy. He's the best boy that makes me want to repeat many times. There's still an innocent look to him which was really cute. I'll definitely book him again.
It was really nice that he snuggled with me even while sleeping♪
It's my second time booking Chiaki but I'm smitten with his choice of words and gestures. There was a little accident this time but let's make it a fun memory. Let's try different positions and find the most pleasurable one! Let's meet next time with a meal included!
He's cute, and the play is erotic. Each time we meet, it feels fresh as if it's the first time, and the eroticism is escalating. His techniques are amazing and kept me thrilled. I was very happy. I'll repeat again. Chiaki is a boy that makes me want to book many times, he's definitely addictive.
It's my second time booking Chiaki. His personality is really good, making me want to book him again. He's erotically cute. I want to try different things next time.
It's my third time booking Chiaki. He's still a really nice and kind person. It's great how he becomes very aggressive during the erotic times♪(*^^*) The 2 hours flew by. I want to book him again next time. Thank you(*`・ω・)ゞ
Work Schedule
May 21 (Tue) - Overnight
May 22 (Wed) - Overnight 预约已满
May 23 (Thu) - Overnight
May 24 (Fri) - Overnight
May 25 (Sat) 09:00 ~ 23:00 Overnight
May 26 (Sun) 09:00 ~ 23:00 Overnight
May 27 (Mon) - Overnight
May 28 (Tue) - Overnight
May 29 (Wed) - Overnight 预约已满
May 30 (Thu) - Overnight
May 31 (Fri) - Overnight
Jun 1 (Sat) - Overnight
Jun 2 (Sun) - Overnight
Jun 3 (Mon) - Overnight
*Overnight ◎ = long(9pm-9am) possible, 〇 = middle(10pm-7am) possible, △ = short(11pm-6am) possible
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