Notes and strict adherence

Thank you for considering the use of Heroes Tokyo.
In our shop, the following acts by customers are strictly prohibited for sound management activities.
I would like to ask for your cooperation in light of the burden on the boy and its future potential.

If there is a violation, the play may be interrupted immediately and future use may be refused.

  • Forcing or suggesting live back play or mouth ejaculation (including negotiation)
  • Forcing or suggesting hair removal or dyeing
  • Encouraging minor boys to smoke or drink
  • Remarks and actions (such as knowing school, knowing the workplace, acquainting with yakuza)
  • Violent or traumatic acts (including kiss marks)
  • Continue to play with the boy you do n’t want (if your butt breaks)
  • Taking photos and videos of our boys (not even part of the body)
  • Store and misuse of our boy profile photo
  • Searching for the private environment of our boy (school name, nearest station, etc.)
  • Act of giving contact information to our boy
  • Listening to our boy’s contact information
  • Scouting our boy
  • Direct visit to our private room (Since other customers may be using it, please wait at the meeting place)
  • If you wish to stay overnight, we ask you to secure your boy’s sleep time. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Please be sure to take a shower before playing. If you refuse to shower, you may not be able to play.
  • If there is a suspicion of a sexually transmitted disease, you may not be able to play with the boy. Thank you for your cooperation for sound management.
  • With some exceptions, “Meeting time = Nominated time”. Even if you are picked up in good faith, as long as you are together, it will be subject to extension, so please be sure to finish it at the specified time.
  • Customers who are too arrogant or drunk or who are unable to communicate normally may refuse to use it.

In our shop, the future of the boy and the management for the customer are considered first.
Thank you for your understanding.