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    Name Tomokazu
    height 177 weight 61 age 22
    SEX straight Penis size 17 Birthplace Kagoshima
    Special skill Athletics
    bottom top Orgy (other boys) Orgy (other customer)
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    soft SM Watch masturbation Massage Date course
    Impression from around・Long legs and excellent style!
    ・Abdominal muscles are broken and beautiful (✧Д✧)
    ・The calm atmosphere is wonderful
    ・Straight feeling is very good! !
    ・Big cock are always erotic.
    ・Big cock!!!!!
    Comment from the personNice to meet you! It's Tomokazu!
    I have been on land for 6 years ^^ I am good at long jump!
    I'm really interested in naughty things, so I still don't know much, but I will do my best (^^ ♪
    I haven't compared dick, so I don't know well, but it's always said that it's big
    Please come to see! Thanking you in advance!
    Attendance schedule
    11/20 (水) 10:00 ~ 25:00 Stay
    11/21 (木) 10:00 ~ 25:00 Stay
    11/22 (金) 10:00 ~ 25:00 Stay
    11/23 (土) 10:00 ~ 25:00 Stay
    11/24 (日) 10:00 ~ 25:00 Stay
    11/25 (月) 10:00 ~ 25:00 Stay
    11/26 (火) 10:00 ~ 25:00 Stay
    ※◎=Long Stay、〇=Middle Stay、△=Short Stay
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