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    Name Tohri
    height 177 weight 62 age 18
    SEX straight Penis size 16 Birthplace Yamanashi
    hobbyWatching movies
    Special skill judo
    bottom top Orgy (other boys) Orgy (other customer)
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    soft SM Watch masturbation Massage Date course
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    Impression from around・ Anyway handsome ♪
    ・ Tooth alignment is good and smile is refreshing (^^)
    ・ High height and good style!
    ・ Beautiful body trained in judo
    ・ Honest and personality
    ・ Friendly caress
    ・ Cute and cute!
    Comment from the personNice to meet you! (^^)
    This industry has a little experience before (* '▽') I wanted to try again and entered the store. Since I was doing judo, I have a little confidence in my muscles!
    I also like to talk so I am confident that I can have a good time ☆
    We look forward to nomination! (* 'ω' *)
    レビュー(お客様からの声)The real thing is also handsome, no different from the refreshing prince-like system seen on the homepage image. It is polite, kind and caring. I felt like I wanted to stay longer. Etch is very sensitive and erection is good, excitement up here I want to see you soon.
    I was young, good-looking, well-educated, talked to me from start to finish, and played hard, so I had the best time!
    While there were many people who were reluctant to be nonke, I was very impressed that there was such a hard child. I am also satisfied with the support of Heroes. Urisen used other, but I will use it again.
    It was good to have a very refreshing handsome guy. I was able to talk happily with Hakihaki and a cheerful child! The sensitivity was very good, and I was very happy because I finally blown up!
    Tall and good style and always smiling. It feels good.
    She has a pretty face so she is shy about being cute. If you want to play, it will be embarrassing if you ask for these requests, but it will do your best.
    Boy is fun to be with. I want to see you again.
    Attendance schedule
    10/23 (水) OFF Stay
    10/24 (木) OFF Stay
    10/25 (金) OFF Stay
    10/26 (土) OFF Stay
    10/27 (日) OFF Stay
    10/28 (月) OFF Stay
    10/29 (火) OFF Stay
    ※◎=Long Stay、〇=Middle Stay、△=Short Stay
    ※ The attendance schedule published on this site is "only a guide". Please be aware that we can not always give you a name. Also, even if you have a day off, please inquire if there is a day you want to nominate. I will ask the boy for confirmation from the shop.

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