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    Name Shunsuke
    height 168 weight 55 age 21
    SEX Gay Penis size 15 Birthplace Tohoku
    hobbyWatching a Musical
    Special skill Artistic gymnastics
    bottom top Orgy (other boys) Orgy (other customer)
    soft SM Watch masturbation Massage Date course
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    Impression from around・Beautiful skin. I'm gonna suck it up!
    ・Single, large eyes
    . ・It's exciting to be stared at! ・It's so boyish!
    ・A glutinous ass. ・Does he look like Kenichiro Ito?
    Comment from the personNice to meet you. I'm Shunsuke!
    I've been told that's unusual, but my hobby is watching musicals! If you have someone to talk to, let's talk about it a lot! I've had a little bit of experience working for a salesman, and he told me you're a great sucker, so let me suck you a lot!
    I like to play when I'm on top of the game, and it's a bit embarrassing to feel the nipples while being inserted in a cowgirl position...

    . I'm looking forward to working hard at the new Heroes Tokyo, so thank you! It was Shunsuke.
    レビュー(お客様からの声)I was curious about the pictures, so I made an appointment.
    He was a refreshingly handsome man, and you could tell from just a glance that his skin was smooth.
    My body was smooth and comfortable and I had a great time!
    It was great to see you and the thrill of the moment you walked into the room. I will see you again.
    Kenjiro Itoh was made smaller. The pheromones that want to be spoiled and are full of entangled pheromones are so cute that you want to protect her. The skin is silky and the peach butt is beautiful and elastic.

    . And the way she feels in the cowgirl position, she's sexy, and her slippery buns are delicious! It was an avant-garde evening.
    He is a serious and nice guy who does not cut any corners in dealing with customers. You won't regret meeting him, and if you like handsome gay boys, I highly recommend him.

    . Shunsuke-kun, aka "Shunsuke" from the selling world. It really did look like that!
    Attendance schedule
    10/26 (月) OFF Stay 休み
    10/27 (火) OFF Stay 問合せ
    10/28 (水) OFF Stay 問合せ
    10/29 (木) OFF Stay 問合せ
    10/30 (金) OFF Stay 問合せ
    10/31 (土) OFF Stay 休み
    11/1 (日) OFF Stay 休み
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