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    Name Kazuya
    height 172 weight 60 age 20
    SEX Straight Penis size 17 Birthplace
    Special skill Soccer
    bottom top Orgy (other boys) Orgy (other customer)
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    soft SM Watch masturbation Massage Date course
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    Impression from around・The coolness is celebrity-grade.
    ・Tanning is erotic.
    ・Her bouncy, slender body will make you melt!
    ・He's a very hard worker!
    ・A handsome, voluminous, shapely vagina
    Comment from the personNice to meet you! Kazuya.
    I played soccer in school, and my muscular constitution helped me get into the body I have now, just by pedaling my bike! LOL
    . It sounds like it's comfortable to touch, so come on out and touch it! This is the second time I've worked exclusively as a salesman, and I've often been told that sucking hard is so erotic before, so I'm confident in my play!
    He seems to be quite sensitive to being touched, as he gets banged up easily...lol
    . I'll keep up the good work and keep you posted! I'm waiting to be nominated.
    レビュー(お客様からの声)The muscles of the super-perfectly bouncy muscles of the image are untrue. The blood vessels that come out of her body are beautiful and of the highest physical beauty.
    . Furthermore, the huge root of Karideka that hangs down is a powerful point. If it's on the video, it will definitely be a winner. It was a pleasure to see him give a hand job, and it was a pleasure to see him spray hard into my abdomen.
    As you would expect from Heroes, a high quality guy who is one of the best sellers. This is the only place I can meet a boy of this level. I will use this place again.
    Attendance schedule
    10/26 (月) 09:00 ~ 20:00 Stay ×
    10/27 (火) OFF Stay
    10/28 (水) OFF Stay
    10/29 (木) OFF Stay 休み
    10/30 (金) OFF Stay 休み
    10/31 (土) 18:00 ~ 24:00 Stay
    11/1 (日) OFF Stay
    ※◎=Long Stay、〇=Middle Stay、△=Short Stay
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