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    Name Issei
    height 167 weight 53 age 20
    SEX gay Penis size 15 Birthplace Kanagawa
    Special skill Tennis
    bottom top Orgy (other boys) Orgy (other customer)
    soft SM Watch masturbation Massage Date course
    Impression from around・Erotic gaze
    ・I'll be thrilled by the fertile atmosphere
    ・The smile to show you is very nice
    ・White beautiful teeth are very dazzling (✧Д✧)
    ・Healed by exquisite tone ♡
    ・A sense of calming conversation tempo
    Comment from the personNice to meet you! It's all together.
    I knew the existence of a salesman for a long time, but this time! Couraged to join HEROES TOKYO
    I'm just proud of my soft body ☆ I can make many different positions ... ( ̄∇ ̄+) I like to sing, but I love kissing more than anything else! Deep guy with tangled tongue(ΦωΦ)フフフ
    Of course I love erotic things, but I am interested in people and am excited to talk to various people((o(´∀`)o))
    It is said that it does not speak, but it looks quite like this (laugh) It is quite friendly(∩´∀`)∩
    Cherish encounters. I look forward to new encounters! We look forward to your appointment!
    レビュー(お客様からの声)We are looking for reviews. If you can review, please send an email by inquiry.
    Attendance schedule
    7/2 (木) OFF Stay
    7/3 (金) OFF Stay 満了
    7/4 (土) OFF Stay ×
    7/5 (日) OFF Stay ×
    7/6 (月) OFF Stay
    7/7 (火) OFF Stay
    7/8 (水) OFF Stay ×
    ※◎=Long Stay、〇=Middle Stay、△=Short Stay
    ※ The attendance schedule published on this site is "only a guide". Please be aware that we can not always give you a name. Also, even if you have a day off, please inquire if there is a day you want to nominate. I will ask the boy for confirmation from the shop.

    To book this boy please write below. ※Only possible boy. For details, please see the boy profile. ※If you select "150 minutes or more", please write the details in "Other requests". ※ Please set to receive from this